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1:1 coaching 

Managers and employees often reach breaking point during their working life. Here the support of a stress management coach can be of assistance.
The core of successful coaching is personal exchange.

When is individual coaching right for you?

  • You quickly reach your breaking point, feel overburdened and you often make mistakes.

  • Your diet is not balanced and mostly unhealthy.

  • You struggle to fall asleep and to sleep through the night.

  • You are perceived by others as being irritable and listless.

  • You want to know whether you find yourself in a burnout and what you can do to regain your balance.


The coaching is for you  
  • when you want to make a positive change in your life, when you want to regain lightness and control of your life.

  • when you finally want to do something for your health, about your diet and your work-life balance.

Motivation im Coaching_Gemeinsam den Gipfel besteigen
Dein Coach Doreen Buceta-Hager

Why individual coaching helps you 

Our coaching offers you a confidential, safe environment. Here you will become aware of your stress triggers and how to (re)activate your resources. You will learn techniques to achieve a healthy lifestyle, less stress, a mindful diet and self-care that suit you and can be applied to everyday life. 


I am here to be your sparring partner

How does coaching work?​

  • At the beginning there is the analysis of the status quo

  • Coaching is moderated self-reflection 

  • We speak to each other on the same level

  • I offer you various methods, which we agree on in a clear and transparent manner. 

And this is also part of coaching:

  • Your personal workbook as training manual

  • Communication in acute phases per messenger/SMS 

Resilience means mental strength and composure in times of crisis. Coaching can open ways for you to handle stress differently and to use it positively in the future.

This is how our coaching works

Trust lies at the heart of good coaching. Coaching is like a sailing trip: The skipper and the bowman must be a good team. I have the boat and the skills, and if everything is fine, we can be off!

  1. We clarify the goals, procedure and modalities of the coaching. Costs only come into play once we have agreed on the way your coaching should be done. 

  2. You determine whether you want to book three, five or ten sessions. It is not a matter of pressurising you into too much handholding.

  3. Our initial session lasts 90 minutes. All further sessions last 60 minutes.


Ask yourself after our free preliminary interview: 

  • Will my methods meet your objectives?

  • Is there good chemistry between us?

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