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Intensive Coaching

I will coach you intensively over 3 months with a nutrition program tailored to you. We counteract eating in stressful phases with effective stress management in everyday life and at work. In every phase of the change in diet, you will know exactly what is really important and how not to fall into the yo-yo trap again! Coaching and motivation: We are a team for three months.

When is intensive coaching right for you?

  • Do you often feel tired, don't sleep well and are you prone to infections?

  • You don't feel like going on the next diet to end up weighing more again?

  • You are a hedonist, "renunciation" is a red rag for you, but: it can't go on like this.

  • The sprint to the subway shouldn't push you to your breaking point.

  • The motivation is there, only the plan is missing: you finally want to eat healthier, but you want to be given a hand to implement it.

  • You tried diets and protein shakes, nothing was really fun and the only thing that dropped in the end was motivation.


This coaching is for you  
  • if you want an expert at your side who will accompany you professionally, motivate you and help you with well-founded advice to change your life positively

  • if you want to fundamentally improve your diet and want to make eating fun again.

  • if you want to get your emotional eating behavior under control, strengthen stress resilience and regain composure.

  • in short: if you finally want to do something for your health, nutrition and work-life balance.

Motivation im Coaching_Gemeinsam den Gipfel besteigen
Dein Coach Doreen Buceta-Hager

This is included

  • Holistic 90-minute anamnesis

  • Analysis of your 7-day nutrition log

  • 3-step nutrition plan designed exclusively for you

  • Motivation booklet with my tried and tested recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grocery list, latest facts on carbohydrates, energy balance, liver and gut health tips, yo-yo effect, emotional eating and more

  • 6 follow-up consultations 

  • Relapse prevention via SMS up to twice a week

This is how it works
  1. In the anamnesis interview, we discuss your state of health, everyday life, challenges and eating habits and define a goal.

  2. You keep a 7-day nutrition and stress log, which I evaluate with the help of software

  3. You will receive your individual nutrition program + I will coach you for 3 months in 6 appointments of 50 minutes each

  4. Closing date (30min) after three months

A nutrition program tailored to you finally shows you the nutrition that suits you, your everyday life and your life 100%!

Coaching can open up ways for you to approach nutrition and stress differently in the future and to use them for you.

Rates: €1,500 

Is this your first coaching? That awaits you

Mutual trust is the basis for good coaching. The non-binding preliminary talk is there to find out whether the chemistry is right. The coaching is like a sailing trip: skipper and crew have to be a good team. I have the boat, the important skills and I steer, but only when everything fits, it starts!

  1. We clarify the goals, process and modalities of the coaching.  Costs only arise once we have agreed on the coaching process. 

  2. The point here is not to impose the most "extensive" support possible on you as a coachee, but to achieve your goal.

  3. Our first anamnesis appointment lasts 90 minutes. All subsequent sessions 50 minutes.

  4. Of course, there is a process-accompanying success control.


Ask for the free preliminary talk: 

  • Do the methods I offer fit your problem?

  • Is the chemistry right between us?

Segelschiff unter Segeln in voller Fahrt

customer opinions

Franziska R., 30 years
Admin Coordinator

 I often felt weak and heavy after eating, and had skin problems that I suspected were caused by my diet. Doreen understood my situation holistically, we dissolved behavioral patterns and beliefs from childhood that had influenced my diet. The recipes took into account preferences and time. After five months with Doreen, I have established a healthy eating routine that suits me and is good for me. Today I am lighter, fitter, my complaints have almost completely disappeared.  I unreservedly recommend Doreen to anyone who eats consciously  want. Doreen is a motivating, empathetic coach with whom I could be open and felt that I was in good hands.

Karsten Keesenberg,
Landscape gardener

Doreen helped me to achieve my desired weight in a very competent, friendly and uncomplicated way. Just as important to me as this weight loss are improved health and a significant increase in life energy. Your empathetic, competent support over half a year has also meant that it is not a flash in the pan, but a wonderful long-term change in diet - apart from small, forgivable outliers. Thanks a lot for this. PS Very suitable for men too.

Lars Ziemer,
SAP developer

Thank you Doreen! Thanks to you, my attitude towards nutrition has changed. I'll go one step further: I would never have gotten this far without your support and advice! For me, sport used to be an excuse for burgers, pizza, sweets, etc. That was the completely wrong approach. Recognizing what is good for me, how nutrients affect the body, was a great experience that I wouldn't want to miss! You motivated me:  I have already lost 8 kg, another 6 to 90 kg should follow. I stay on the ball and will continue to seek contact with you. Thanks for the good care!

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