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Pulse anyone?

You would like to eat healthier or avoid burnout and need a clear advice on how to do this between job and everyday family life. You would like nutritional expertise with specific recommendations that you can implement without fanfare or elaborate cooking, but with a good dose of self-care. 

What are you waiting for? Let's start.

  • ​​You will receive specific nutritional recommendations that are tailored to you, your previous eating habits, your calorie requirements, metabolism and your everyday life.

  • Tips that are suitable for everyday use so that you can make the right decisions in the supermarket.

  • You get breakfast options and simple recipes for healthy meals that are based on your needs and preferences.


This is contained in the impulse:  ​
  • Analysis of your anamnesis questionnaire 

  • Intensive 90-minute initial consultation

  • Concrete recommendations adapted to you and your everyday life, which summarize my findings from the anamnesis + conversation in writing

  • Shopping list with which you can start right away

  • 4 follow-up consultations (each 50 minutes)

Doreen 2023-20.jpg

This is how it works 

  • You book your 20-minute free introductory appointment by email and we'll see if we're a good match. I will explain if and how I can help you

  • If it suits, we will arrange the first appointment.

  • I will send you an anamnesis form by e-mail, which you fill out and send to me by e-mail the day before our initial consultation.

  • We conduct our initial consultation and discuss your eating habits, your challenges and define your goal.

Rates: €790

That's what my customers say

Sandra M., clerk 

Although the kitchen is really not my element, I can implement your recipe suggestions quickly and easily. You showed me how to take TIME to eat even in stressful everyday life. Banned items of clothing fit again, I am more agile and happier. My greatest success is that I was able to stop taking a beta blocker as a result of the weight loss. Dear Doreen, my quality of life has improved significantly: I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!!!

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