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Workshops for effective stress management
for managers and employees 

Stress competence and resilience are health-promoting tools in the workplace, especially during crises.
The good news is: you can be trained in both!

Good reasons why you as employer should look after the wellbeing of your employees

  • Since 2010, sick days due to psychological illness has increased with 56 % (AOK | report of one of the largest medical insurance companies in Germany).


  • These cases of illness lead to extended incapacity: Affected employees stay out of work for an average of 30 days, which is double the average number of days for other illnesses, according to the report.


  • Burnout prophylaxis has been part of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (§ 5) since 2013. This means: Companies must also identify those risks for their employees arising from mental stress at work.  (source: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).

 Erschöpfte Frau
Entspannte Frau nach Workshop


...or hummingbird?

Workshop - benefits

How do participants benefit from the workshop?

Stress management that is based on mindfulness is the best prevention for burnout! Participants of the workshop learn how this can be achieved through practical exercises, proven strategies, scientific findings, and with concrete relaxation techniques, which can be implemented after the workshop.
Benefits for participants:

•    becoming aware of stress early on
•    resources and stress competence are activated
•    inner attitude is strengthened
•    staying calm when dealing with colleagues
•    acting constructively and with autonomy during crises
•    avoiding burnout with self-determination

Workshop - details

Time investment: 1.5 or 2 days intensive workshop or 6 sessions of 90 minutes each plus a 60 minute follow-up meeting after 12 weeks

I am happy to discuss requests for individual scheduling!

Optional: Motivational talk before the workshop

Topics of the workshop:

•    The concept of stress
•    Discovering personal stress triggers
•    Strategies and methods to manage stress
•    Resilience training: 7 keys to the power of resilience
•    Practical changes in daily life
•    More energy through nutrition, exercise and breaks
•    Tips for restful sleep
•    Introduction to relaxation techniques like Body scan


Concrete exercises make the topic tangible, it can be experienced personally and can be tried out directly. 


Workshop - procedure

  1. In the preliminary interview, I get a sense of the needs, details and challenges specific to the profession or field.

  2. We determine the appointments 

  3. I am happy to assist with communication 

  4. You form small groups of 6-12 people

  5. Now we can start: Inhouse, off-site or online!

  6. After 12 weeks we have the official conclusion in the form of a 60-minute follow-up meeting.


You also get this: Workbooks for all participants 

Every participant receives the workbook ‘From Hamster to Colibri’ to make sure that balancing work with life will really succeed!

  • Methods for stress management are practised.

  • The effect from the workshop will be strengthened.

  • It is the optimal foundation for the final appointment after 12 weeks.


Thanks very much!

Tanja Haberkorn, office manager

Doreen took my stress away and discussed all the steps in a relaxed manner. You get left with a good feeling, which becomes better and better, until you realise for the first time: hey! This really works! Thank you and merci - I can recommend this!

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