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The consultation

Do you want fast support? Do you have specific questions about your diet or would you like a value-free classification of your previous eating habits? You would like to clarify whether you are already stuck in a burnout or simply need exercises to be carried out for more serenity. You want concrete tips that can be implemented quickly for your challenging professional or private everyday life. 

Let's talk! 

Your concern on nutritional issues
  • You have specific questions about your diet or a nutritional topic such as preventive nutrition for inflammation, skin problems, digestive problems, etc 

  • You would like a value-free classification of your previous eating habits

  • You need tips for a low-meat diet

  • You need concrete, quickly implementable tips for your challenging professional everyday life.


Your concern on stress issues
  • You want to clarify whether you are at risk of burnout or how you can classify your exhaustion.

  • You want easy-to-implement tips on how to react in acute stressful situations

  • You will receive easy-to-perform emergency exercises for more composure in concrete situations.  

This is included in your consultation hours


  • An intensive 90-minute consultation

  • Concrete recommendations and realizable tips

  • Summary of my recommendations and tips by email


This is how the consultation works

  • You book your consultation hours by email or by clicking on the "Book a consultation" button.

  • Please email me with your request in advance. That way I know in advance how I can help you.

  • You will receive the link for our video call by email.

  • We conduct our 90-minute consultation

  • You will get a short summary of my recommendations for you.

Rates: €165
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