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Do you need motivation?

My motivational talk informs, motivates and inspires, and encourages you to think. Or to think differently. My talks are entertaining and based in science. And because they are adapted to your profession, they can immediately implemented in your work day.

Motivational talks

From hamster to colibri - ways out of the hamster wheel  

Stress cannot be avoided. But even small measures can already help to make your work day less stressful.

You will receive inspiration on how this can be achieved with a 40-minute talk which is followed by practical exercises. This can be used in daily life, is practical and orientates itself on the daily reality of your profession.


I suggest concrete, scientifically based methods for stress management which you can implement and try out immediately. The motivational talk is entertaining, memorable and more than another appointment in your calendar. 


Here is a choice of topics:

  • What is stress and what does stress do to me?

  • Fight or Flight: The Neanderthal within us

  • How we can use stress to our advantage

  • The four steps towards successful stress management​

  1. Prevention: finding new ways of dealing with negative stress 

  2. Reduction: Strategies during times of stress

  3. Resistance: Train for stress fitness

  4. Resilience: Strengthen resistance


‘Ideal for you if you want to sensitise your team about the topic of stress in a short and punchy way but still be entertaining and offer practical tips.’

Rates: €899

Birgit Bernd, Career Advisor

Doreen is an amazing stress and nutrition coach. She prepares content around stress management and diet and the importance of selfcare in an interesting, memorable and undogmatic way. In this way she captivates individuals as well as groups. Her way of presentation and when asking the right questions and providing multiple questions is calm, and yes, almost caring. It is pure joy to listen to her!

From hamster to colibri, thanks to preventive stress management

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