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Let's tackle it together!

Have you tried many diets? Nothing worked properly and you even weighed more afterwards than before?


If you finally want a plan that is tailor-made for you, in which I also take your stressful everyday life into account, then you have come to the right place!


We bring lightness in
Your life! 

Nutrition and emotions
are closely related

Just 8 years ago, the more stressful the day, the more unhealthy I ate. I became a nutritionist and realised that despite all the knowledge, this was exactly what remained a great challenge: not giving in to the need for comfort through food.

I wanted to know how stress and emotional eating are related, got educated as a burnout prevention coach and today I combine my knowledge as a nutritionist with that of stress research.

That is what my coaching is all about. I look at you holistically, not just what you eat, but also why. This is how I help you to understand your eating habits. I will create a nutrition plan tailored to you and your needs and take you by the hand. I support you with the implementation exactly to the extent that you want and need it. 

Mein Gruppenangebot 
für Frauen ab 40

Abnehmen, Bauchfett verlieren und den Stoffwechsel boostern!

Ich hab's selbst geschafft und zeig Dir wie:

In 6 Wochen in exklusiver Gruppe à 6 Frauen. 

My offers for you

You finally want to eat healthier and need an impulse on how to do this between job and everyday family life.  


You have tried many diets, nothing has really helped and the only thing that has dropped is your motivation in the end.  


You will receive clear nutritional recommendations from me that suit you and your everyday life and can be implemented without much effort.


Online consultation 



You often feel tired, don't sleep well, and are prone to infections. The sprint to the subway takes you to your stress limit.


Your motivation is great, only a plan is missing. Renunciation is a red rag for you, but you know it can't go on like this.

I will accompany you intensively over 3 months with your individual nutrition program . Coaching as motivation: We are a team at eye level for three months.


Online consultation



You've been trying to get rid of those pesky 10 kg for a long time and don't want advice like "Just leave out the carbohydrates".


You want to get out of the diet jungle, the "5kg in 10 days" promises and finally want to change your diet.


I stand by you for 6 months with professional support and  Your tailor-made nutrition plan to help you reach your goal and keep it.

Online | outdoors

Client's Voices

A. Stannek and S. Ellendt

With Doreen, my wife and I (re)discovered the awareness of healthy eating. Many basic rules about eating had been lost and were reactivated through intensive coaching with Doreen. A great experience and an exciting process on the way to a balanced and healthy diet, which is also the basis for a good body feeling. Due to the weight reduction achieved as a result of changed eating habits, we are now doing better in the long term and our quality of life has increased significantly. 

Meine Angebote

I offer that

Illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels and type II diabetes can be the result of years of poor nutrition. A permanent change in diet can prevent these diseases or alleviate the first symptoms.


My focus
  • Primary preventive nutritional advice to prevent nutrition-related diseases

  • Health-promoting nutrition at the first symptoms of illness

  • Weight loss - or gain

  • Heart Healthy Diet

  • Weight loss before orthopedic surgery

  • Stress management to avoid physical and mental exhaustion

  • Burnout prevention and strengthening of personal resilience


As part of a modern process quality, I carry out an anamnesis, recording of consumption behavior and stress symptoms with nutrition and stress logs, evaluation of these and submission of client-centered recommendations using appropriate software. I have a duty to refer clients with medical problems to a doctor.

I don't offer that

I do not offer therapies and specialist advice for the following diseases:

  • disease-related nutritional problems

  • Obesity (morbid obesity)

  • treatment of eating disorders

  • food allergies

  • gastroenterological diseases (e.g. Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis)

  • congenital metabolic diseases

  • gestational diabetes


The treatment of depression is a psycho-therapeutic service and is not covered by me.

With me you are self-paying and cannot bill your health insurance company for the consultation or coaching.

Therefore, please check whether nutritional or psychotherapy can be used as a prescription-capable remedy , with the costs being covered by health insurance. I am happy to recommend colleagues here.  


If this is the case, please consult your family doctor or health insurance company to find a nutritionist or psychotherapist.

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