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Do you lack energy, are often exhausted and have nutritional and stress-related symptoms such as high cholesterol, high blood sugar, joint problems, sleep problems or are you susceptible to infections? You are unsure whether you are already in a burnout situation. I will accompany you for six months as your personal sparring partner for nutrition and stress management with a nutrition and anti-stress program tailored to your needs. We have been a team at eye level for over half a year!

When is my premium coaching right for you?

  • Your doctor warns you “You should lose weight”, but does not reveal how and leaves you alone with the implementation.

  • You've been trying to get rid of that annoying 10 kg for a long time, but you don't feel like the 4th diet and advice like "Leave out the carbohydrates".

  • Your are fed up with "5 kg in 10 days" promises

  • You need a pro by your side until you reach your goal weight and know how to maintain it.


The Premium Coaching is something for you,  
  • if you want an expert at your side who will accompany you personally and professionally for over half a year, motivate you and help you to change your life positively.

  • if you need a reliable sparring partner at eye level to achieve your goal. In every phase of the change in diet, you will know exactly what is really important and you don't want to fall into the yo-yo trap again.

  • if you suffer from emotional eating behavior, want to get this under control and strengthen your stress resilience. 

  • in short: if you finally want to do something for your health, nutrition and work-life balance.

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Get the Premium Coaching

  • Holistic 90-minute anamnesis

  • Software-supported analysis of your 7-day food log

  • 6-step nutrition plan designed exclusively for you

  • Motivation booklet with my tried and tested recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, shopping list, valuable background information on carbohydrates, blood sugar, energy balance, tips for emotional eating, the yo-yo effect and much more

  • Relapse prevention via SMS up to twice a week

  • 14 follow-up appointments over 6 months

This is how intensive coaching works
  1. In an intensive anamnesis interview, we discuss your state of health, everyday life, stress level, eating habits, challenges and define a goal.

  2. You keep a 7-day nutrition and stress log, which I evaluate with the help of software

  3. You will receive the 1st part of your tailor-made 6-step nutritional program

  4. I will accompany you on 14 follow-up appointments of 45 minutes each

  5. Completion date after six months

A nutrition program tailored to you and the long support will finally show you the nutrition that suits you, your everyday life, your life 100%!

Coaching can open up ways for you to approach nutrition and stress differently in the future and to use them for you.

Rates: €2,980

Is this your first coaching? That awaits you

Mutual trust is the basis for good coaching. The non-binding preliminary talk is there to find out whether the chemistry is right. The coaching is like a sailing trip: skipper and crew have to be a good team. I have the boat, the important skills and I steer, but only when everything fits, it starts!

  1. We clarify the goals, process and modalities of the coaching.  Costs only arise once we have agreed on the coaching process. 

  2. The point here is not to impose the most "extensive" support possible on you as a coachee, but to achieve your goal.

  3. Our first anamnesis appointment lasts 90 minutes. All subsequent sessions 45 minutes.

  4. Of course, there is a process-accompanying success control.


Ask for the free preliminary talk: 

  • Do the methods I offer fit your problem?

  • Is the chemistry right between us?

Carsten S. and Verena B., 36 and 32 years old

We are a couple, both over 30 years old. We've both struggled with being overweight for years. Countless diet attempts (Weight Watchers, food combining, Almased) have unfortunately not been successful in the long run - the weight was always back in no time and was higher than before... Thanks to you, we now know that a change in diet is the only correct and permanent way to lose weight finally got it. You always stood by our side when we had questions and gave us clear answers. Thanks to you we have learned so much about proper nutrition and best of all: we are losing weight! We eat three delicious meals a day. We now know what to look out for. And very important: Working with you is characterized by trust, respect and openness. We are very happy to have met you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great work.

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